FAN’s New Building!

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Every once in a while someone comes along to change the lives of others. It’s people like Jennifer Rice who make FANs work in the community possible.

Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Rice, FAN will have a new and permanent home to continue providing a safe haven to the youth in our program.


Ms. Rice first became acquainted with FAN in 2007 through the IMF Civic Program, in which FAN was awarded a grant to help fund the programs offered. At the time, FAN was functioning out of a church on Minnesota Ave. When FAN’s grant came up for renewal the following year, FAN was no longer at its original location. The program had to be moved to another temporary facility and then on to a shared space on MLK Blvd. Ms. Rice felt that FAN’s program was much needed by the students that it served and that there needed to be a permanent location to house the program and staff. “I wanted FAN to have roots in the community that it well serves”, said Ms. Rice. It was then that she decided to buy and donate 1533 U St SE which will ultimately serve as office and program space for FAN. In addition, students will have a computer lab, homework and activity spaces.

By the beginning of the summer, FAN will begin its administrative services at the new location and will open the doors to its students at the start of the fall. From the Executive Director, the Board of Directors and most important, the students, FAN would like to thank Ms. Rice for her transformational generosity.

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