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Our programs use a positive youth development approach to address the needs of teens in foster care.


Each FAN program uses a positive youth development approach to address the needs of teens in foster care.

FAN’s five current programs are designed to reach some of the city’s most vulnerable youth and teens in foster care as young as age 9 and support them through young adulthood, providing a consistent environment of care and support through after-school and summer programming. Each participant is provided with opportunities to belong, develop their talents and skills, create meaningful relationships with peers and adults, and experience success. Our programs serve as a source of stability, consistency, and support that enhances the well-being and positive development of youth.

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Positive Youth Development Program
Positive Youth Development (PYD) program
Ages 10-13

The PYD program is a daily after school and summer program for youth in foster care between the ages of 10 and 14. This program engages young adolescents in activities of academic support, extracurricular instruction, community service, and group mentoring in the summer and after school.

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Youth Ensembles Program
Youth Ensembles (YEP) program
Ages 14-16

The Youth Ensemble Program continues to support youth in care ages 14-16. Participants have the opportunity to select an area of specialization from the activities that they have experienced in the Positive Youth Development Program. The YEP program focuses on providing youth with intensive training in the arts, leadership development, advocacy, job, and life skills in the summer and after school.

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Transitions Program
Transitions program
Ages 16-18

The Transitions program supports youth participants in making a healthy transition to adulthood and independence. Participants take part in on or off-site internships according to their career interests. Participants also are engaged in professional development, college preparation, leadership, and advocacy experiences. Transitions participants receive the intensive mentoring and support that they need to graduate from high school, understand the steps to pursue college or vocational school, or additional training as appropriate to reach their career goals.

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Alumni Program
Alumni program
Ages 18-21

The Alumni program serves former after school program participants by offering monthly workshops and social gatherings to disseminate helpful college- and life-related information and informal peer support. Targeted one-on-one support is also available through the program coordinator with education, jobs, paperwork, benefits, and other challenges that young adults face.

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Caregiver Support Program
Caregiver Support program
Program for the caregivers of youth program participants.

The Caregiver Support program offers monthly workshops and peer support events for caregivers of youth program participants. These events are forums for caregivers to obtain training and informal support from peers, and to build / rebuild relationships with program participants in their care. This program fosters positive connections to adults, and supports stable foster care placements, reunifications with birth families, and participants’ successful transition to adulthood.

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