FAN Welcomes Two of the Mexico 125!

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We are so excited to announce the arrival this week of our two interns from Mexico!

FeMexico125 Internslicitas Figueroa Adan (on the left)  is an engineering management student  with an interest in business management.  Arleth Gallegos Rocha (on the right) is a psychology student who brings  a wealth of experience working with children in mental health settings in Mexico.  Both Felicitas and Arleth are members of the Mexico 125.   Originally the Mexico 100, the program is a 15-week professional development experience for Mexican students focused on learning about and developing cross-sector partnerships to strengthen civil society and address social challenges.    The program’s first semester was so successful that they expanded the program from 100 to 125 students.  Felicitas will be completing an internship with FAN in Accounting and Administration, while Arleth will complete her internship in Program Evaluation and Behavioral Support.  Interns Rock!


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