Meet Our New Executive Director

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Josephine Mazyck (Ms. JoJo) is excited to begin her journey with Fihankra Akoma Ntaoso (FAN) as Executive Director. She was drawn to our mantra of safe spaces, linked hearts. Josephine is a firm believer of bringing people together. In her own upbringing, she attributes the power of her community/village to her many successes. She understands the importance of many people working together to ensure children have everything they need. Her core values align with those of FAN and we’re happy to have her here.

Ms. JoJo comes to us with a strong background in community development & relationship building, social services, and Montessori. Josephine spent the last 6 years in a charter school setting where she was focused on bridging the gap between home and school and helping parents understand that they are partners in their child(ren)’s education. It is her goal to see parents and teachers working together to set students up for success. An ideal educational system for her is one that educates the entire family.

Before venturing into the charter world, she was a Program Associate for Crossway Community, a nonprofit organization that catered to single mothers in transitional housing. The organization also served as a Montessori School, and a Community Center. Josephine’s role was crucial, as she was responsible for planning parent programs, engaging community partners, completing intake, conducting home visits, and working in the Montessori. She’s also had experience in working with youth who have Autism. Josephine realized the key ingredient to organizational success was to create space where participants could be themselves, while helping to point out the people that loved and supported them, and accepting that each “family” was built differently.

Ms. Mazyck received an MSA in Organizational Development from Trinity Washington University and a B.S. in Psychology & English from Georgetown University. Her motto in life is, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. TEACH a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Environment plays an integral role in a child’s development, and Josephine is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who is a part of a child’s village has the tools necessary to be successful.


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