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Drew Costley

Age 25


How long have you been involved with FAN?
I started as a staff member in April 2010 and stayed on until February 2011. Then I returned as a volunteer in February 2012.

Where did you attend college?
I studied at Howard University from 2004-2010 and now I am planning on finishing my undergraduate degree at the University of the District of Columbia in the fall of 2012.

What do you like most about working with FAN?
I like hanging out with the kids before we start activities and the accepting and loving attitude of the staff that allows the children to be comfortable being themselves around the staff.

What have been some of your proudest moments as a FAN volunteer?
It was helping a student study for his environmental science exam and then hearing that he scored a 96 on the test.

How has FAN shaped you career/educational/life goals?
I want to pursue an advanced degree after I finish my bachelor’s and continuously work with children or young adults for the rest of my life. I hadn’t worked with children for seven years before coming to FAN and didn’t really consider child care or work with children and young adults as a possible career until I worked at FAN.

What accomplishments have you had since being involved with FAN?
I haven’t really had any notable accomplishments since working at FAN but working here has inspired me not to give up on my educational goals and even to expand them.

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