FAN's inaugaral programs use a positive youth development approach to address the needs of teens in foster care.


Youth Ensemble Program (YEP)

FAN’s Youth Ensemble Program continues to support youth in care ages 14-15.  Participants have the opportunity to select an area of specialization from the activities that they have experienced in the Positive Youth Development Program.  Youth continue to receive academic support and mentoring in the context of “ensembles” organized around artistic, athletic, academic, or vocational endeavors.  Participants also increase their expertise in a particular area of interest.
Positive Youth Development Program (PYD)
FAN offers a daily after school and summer program for youth in foster care between the ages of 10 and 14 that began in June of 2006.  Youth are engaged in community service, academic support, extracurricular and team building activities, and group mentoring in a culturally appropriate context.  Through these activities, youth develop supportive and caring relationships with adults and peers, enhanced critical thinking skills, a sense of success and mastery, and experience cultural enrichment.  By engaging in these activities with other youth in foster care, FAN will provide a normalizing experience that will de-stigmatize the foster care experience and empower participants, while supporting improved psychosocial outcomes for participating youth.

Transitions Program

FAN’s Transitions program serves youth in care ages 16 and older .  Participants take part in on or off-site internships according to their career interests.  Participants also are engaged in professional development, college preparation, leadership, and advocacy experiences.   The Transitions program is intended to support youth participants in making a healthy transition to adulthood and independence.



Support Programs

FAN may add additional programs as necessary to support the participants in the programs outlined above, or to otherwise advance the mission of the organization.


As the efficacy of FAN’s programs are established, FAN will offer training and consulting to partner organizations and others interested in starting similar programs, in the effort to move forward its vision of changing the ways that youth serving systems interface with young people.

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